Conserving Nanuuq and the Arctic Ecosystem for present and future generations of Arctic Alaska Natives
The Staff of Alaska Nanuuq Commission:
Jack Omelak, Executive Director

Jack Omelak has been with the Alaska Nanuuq Commission since 2009. He was raised in both Nome and Anchorage and has backgrounds in Natural Science, Anthropology, and Rural Development.
Charles H. Johnson, Director Emeritus (In Memoriam 1939-2012)

Charlie founded the ANC in 1994, and facilitated the Native to Native Agreement with our counterparts in Russia. Charlie held many titles over the years and held presidential appointments spanning nine presidents. The staff of the Alaska Nanuuq Commission ackowledge that his efforts over many decades allows us to continue our work with honor and dignity.
Rhonda Sparks, Regional Coordinator

Rhonda has been with the Alaska Nanuuq Commission since 2010. She was born and raised in Nome and is a recent graduate from Ft. Lewis College with a degree in Anthropology. Her work with the villages we represent has been an integral component of our success.
Mandy Ellanna, Office Manager

Mandy has been with the Alaska Nanuuq Commission since 2012. Born and raised in Nome, she has a background in Communications from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and more recently has experience as an upper level banking manager.
Hannah Voorhees, Affiliated Advisor
Hannah has been with the Alaska Nanuuq Commission since 2010. Hannah was born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska and has a Master's Degree in Anthropology and is working towards her Doctorate's degree in the same field. Recently, Hannah has moved into an advisory role for the ANC as she is currently working towards completing her academic commitments.
Whitney Youngman, Deterrence Fellow
Whitney was born and raised in Arizona. Whitney graduated in December 2012 from Haskell Indian Nations University with her bachelors in Environmental Sciences. She resides in Lawrence, Kansas, and has been working with the ANC since January 2013 for the ANC's long-range deterrence and diversionary feeding internship. .