Conserving Nanuuq and the Arctic Ecosystem for present and future generations of Arctic Alaska Natives
Our Partners:



The ANC is the co-management partner along with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the management of Alaska's polar bears. The Marine Mammals Division and the entire staff of the polar bear program of the USFWS have been an integral component of the successful relationship between the USFWS and the Alaska Nanuuq Commission.

North Slope Borough

The ANC has been working closely with the North Slope Borough and their Department of Wildlife Conservation since the ANC's inception. This solid partnership allows each agency to draw on the expertise of both organizations.

Association of Traditional Marine Mammal Hunters of Chukotka

In 1997, the ANC initiated and signed a Native to Native Agreement between the two agencies. This partnership has allowed for elements of democracy to be shared with the indigenous residents of eastern Russia, and has allowed for the Native hunters of Russia to be involved in meaningful participation in resource management strategies, an ability that at the time was unprecedented.

World Wildlife Fund

The ANC has worked closely with the World Wildlife Fund since the early 1990's. WWF has funded several crucial efforts of the ANC and have been an important part of the continued partnership between the ANC and the Native hunters of Chukotka.

The National Park Service

The ANC and the National Park Service have been working closely since the early 1990's through the Park Service's Shared Beringia Heritage Program. The service has funded several studies which have focused on the shared heritage between the cultures of eastern Russia and Alaska.

Defenders of Wildlife

The ANC has recently partnered with the Defenders of Wildlife in reaching goals that the Commission has identified. The staff at DOW have played an important role in our emerging development of a human and polar bear interaction and deterrence strategies.